Internship opportunities joined with training, based on personalized schedule. It is personalized, therefore, it enables participants to gain knowledge of their preferred area that can be applied in practice.

The Fashion Specialization Module is an individual study plan, which is prepared according to each participant’s needs, and where theory is combined with practice, that can be directly applied to their own working activities and own company. Throughout the course, the manager of Lucia Fashion Academy and the management team of Luan by Lucia guide, instruct and advice each participant. The participant can engage in current projects at the Lucia Fashion Academy, as well as in the preparations and execution of current events at Luan by Lucia and LBL.  The participant may gain complex knowledge, which reinforces own brand management and broadens opportunities at the labor market. The participant also gains insight into the fashion business, becomes knowledgeable about the every day activities at Luan by Lucia and the mechanisms of other domestic and international fashion houses. The also course supports the student’s studies in higher education, while the knowledge acquired here can be a supplement and specialization at university.

The Fashion Academy provides excellent instructors, who are recognized professionals in both the national and the international fashion industry.

  • Who already has a clear idea about a specific area of fashion at which they wish to acquire high level of knowledge
  • Who are not able to participate in the other, group courses of the Fashion Academy because of their own other activities (work, school, etc) 

The student's personalized and unique schedule can be created choosing from the following topics:

  • Founding and operating a fashion company
  • Fashion design
  • Styling
  • Fashion Marketing, Communication
  • Fashion event management
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Couture module
  • Modelling module

The price of the module depends on the lenght and on the set-up of the personalized schedule.


The choosen courses of the Fashion specialization module can be performed at any time according to the needs of the student.