Visions become images, images are associated to situations, situations create experiences. Luan by Lucia highlights the essence of future memories by sensing the spirit of the individual feminine pathing the way to her becoming. The thorough garments that are designed for these highly specific occasions hold both vitality and quality that are able to lead the client to the much awaited yet so close feast of the very present, at last.

Under the guidance of designer S. Hegyi Lucia, the atelier produces unique ensembles, representing timeless values. Each and every piece is created by skillful hands, transforming fabric and thread into a piece of artworks, in order to become the crown jewel of its owner’s wardrobe, or collection.

1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 62., I/7

+36 1 311 5895      +36 70 368 8074 

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