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Knowing and showing, seeing and revealing, understanding and explaining. Two worlds, in unity within the individual. One shown to the outside, portraying an image, examining its surroundings and searching for points of intersection. The other representing the inside, an individual’s truest, most desired reality, wishing to be shown. Neither has it easy. Additionally, both like to walk their own paths: the outside would rather flaunt itself, while the inside would rather exist without a care in the world. We do not have to choose. We just have to get them into harmony with one another. That is where the creation of a holistic appearance begins.


We take into account your own personal style, your habits, we get to know your outer self and your inner voice and we show you how you can consciously create your own harmony.


Get to know the house of holistic elegance where your appearance and your individuality go hand in hand!





Luan by Lucia is a soulful and quality oriented bespoke fashion house, specialized in women’s tailoring, led by Chief Designer and Master Tailor Lucia S. Hegyi. The very heart of their 35 year-expertise in creating unique looks are dedicated to The Individual and Her Story.

'My intuitions and experiences help to balance the physical precense and the soul to make a pure and perfect unit.'

To understand the Story of Luan by Lucia you are first asked to review Your Story. Yes, the story of your Own. For your most Authentic Appearance you are the main ingredient. Believe it or not, Your future experiences are based on Your core values, Your beliefs, and Your thoughts, and to add flavour to the ones waiting for you, this quiet and humble family owned Hungarian fashion house is asking you to please, become Your Own Brand. You do not have to be anyone else.

Are you ready to become the master of your reality?


'I am am who I am, I am me.'



Born in 1959, Lucia S. Hegyi took off on the journey of designing for the authentic self by mastering the British and French tailoring first. Very soon, her creations gained international recognition, following her first individual collections that were presented in Sweden, Finland, and Austria. By the age of 28 she had become a master tailor officially and continued designing artistic creations matching the qualities of haute couture. Together with her colleague and great talent Andor Kovács they first founded the brand LUAN in 1986, but in 1991 after separating their professional ways Lucia S. Hegyi continued her pursuits under her new label Luan by Lucia. Lucia S. Hegyi is the first Hungarian fashion designer to have exhibited at Offline Vienna, Mode Woche, Igedo and London Fashion Week.


Her career of 35 years had many challenges and even more lessons.

On August 20, 2007, Lucia was honored with the Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary. She believes in the creative power of the individual spirit and dedicates her knowledge to the traditions of tailoring and haute couture, to the industry of fashion, and most importantly to the client’s wishes and commitments towards unfolding the essence of the self, to arrive at the most authentic appearance possible.



Ambassador of Hungarian Talent(2016)

Budapest Chamber of Industry and Commerce – „Aranykéz” Award (2014)

Best of Budapest - Amongst the Best Fashion Designers (2013)

The Knight's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary (2007)

Best of Budapest - Best Local Designer Díj (1999, 2000, 2001)

Designed the uniform of the Hungarian Olympic team in Barcelona (1992-Barcelona)





Our fashion house has always focused on the values of the individual. We combine elegance, craftsmanship and uniqueness with a holistic approach to help Women who consciously aim to find their physical, mental and spiritual balance and choose pieces of the highest quality when it comes to their appearance. This is the core of a holistic approach.

When creations that are tailored to the individual’s body type, personality and soul are born, it is also possible to explore the unknown parts of their soul. Making the end result not only an ever-lasting creation, but also the luxurious experience of the time we spent on getting to know ourselves.





" The most you can give to others is quality time."


Familiar saying, isn’t it?!

This Philosophy is one of our basic principles complete with the addition that the most you can give to YOURSELF is quality time. Give yourself what you deserve!

Over the past decades, our practice of creating has become a tradition, providing an opportunity to discover the hidden treasures of one’s personality and physical character.

It does not matter if you chose us to make the perfect creation or to embark on a holistic journey inspired by our already existing creations, we will go through the following seven-step process with you:

  1. The interview – exploring needs, image, personal preferences and wardrobe

  2. Luan by Lucia questionnaire

  3. Taking measurements

  4. Choosing fabric and accessories

  5. First fitting

  6. Additional fittings (2-4 times)

  7. Appear in the creation made specially for YOU

The duration of the process takes two weeks to three months, depending on the complexity of the attire, how long it takes to obtain the fabrics and the number of appointments necessary for fittings. Exceptions to this are creations made under the Bespoke Budapest service




The standard of our creations starts with the quality of the fabric used, which form the basis for the final value of the garment at the core of our creations. Our fashion house uses fabrics of the highest quality: from the excellent silks of the English James Hare to the fine wools of the French Dormeuil, to the Dutch & Sherry cashmeres and bouclés, most of our fabrics are made by famous textile manufacturers.

Over the past decade, our fashion house’s portfolio has expanded along this philosophy with the Lucia Fashion Academy, which offers personalized fashion courses and the Luan Body&Mind Studio, which clients helps find the inner harmony.


1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 62., I/7

+36 1 311 5895      +36 70 368 8074 

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